May 6, 2022 | Sean's Picks

Zebco has stuck by its age-old promise to deliver high quality angling gear at a family friendly price. I’ve always made sure my sons, nieces, and someday soon nephew spent their first few days on the water with a Zebco spin-cast rod reel combo in their hand. 

The old “push-button” design is a classic reel setup that brings back memories of our grandparents and parents teaching us to fish when we were young. But these days with upgraded gear systems, more durable rods, and flashy colours Zebco has really leaned into these products as a “kid friendly” option. 

To be honest, I often find myself sneaking my son Joey’s bright orange rod into the boat on cat trips and casting bobbers for goldeye with them. Feels just like pitching bobbers for perch when I was his age. 

We have a few levels of these items with Zebco launching the Splash, Roam, and Classic series. The Roam is by far my favourite, we’ve put one of these through the ringer over the past few years and it’s really held up. At $59.99 you can’t beat the price and functionality. Available in 4 colours (Green, Orange, Pink, and Blue) you can setup multiple kids with their own rod, and they can cherish the ownership of “my orange rod” etc. etc. 

Add one of these great kid friendly options to your arsenal of rods and make sure to put it to good use teaching a kid, teen, or heck even an ole-adult who hasn’t fished to enjoy this lifelong passion. 

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